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718 Tutoring is the creation of lifelong Park Slope residents and friends, Ryan deLorge and Steve Sullivan. Initially developed as a submission for the Brooklyn Public Library PowerUP competition, 718 Tutoring was born out of a desire to assist students to achieve admissions offers from the best schools to allow them to pursue their desired careers. Ryan is a local entrepreneur, who also works for Park Slope Parents, and is a member of the Park Slope Civic Council. Steve, a Princeton alumni, is a former NYC public school teacher, private tutor, and after school director. 718 Tutoring’s curricula are developed in consultation with Barbara Hubert, Ph.D.

The decision of a parent to hire a tutoring company comes down to confidence and trust.  718 Tutoring's mission is to exceed expectations and to fulfill our goal of catalyzing confidence and fostering academic growth.  

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