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718 Tutoring:
Regents-Prep Program

NYS Regents Examinations are the gateway to post-secondary opportunities in NYC and 718 Tutoring is here to usher you through. 

Designed to assure college and career readiness, the Regents exams are thorough, exhaustive and challenging. Whether the goal is earning a Regents Diploma, an Advanced Regents Diploma or avoiding remedial coursework in college, 718 Tutoring's individualized Regents-Prep Program helps students achieve their goal.

718 Tutoring's Regents-Prep Program assesses individual learning needs and skills gaps in order to meet students to where they are, and bring them to where the need to be. Our Regents-Prep tutors not only bring content-area expertise and experience, they foster supportive, one-on-one relationships with students that lead to more confidence and success on examination day.

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