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718 Tutoring:
Academic Support and Enrichment

718 provides one-on-one tutoring designed to enable student success in the classroom and beyond.


The first step is the critical match between student and tutor, a relationship that while grows and deepens over time, inspires and engages from the first meeting. Second is the content of the tutoring. Depending on student need, the sessions may focus on nightly homework assignments, deeper work on long-term projects, or solidifying and reviewing unit materials and skills to produce improved grades over marking periods. In addition to content work, tutors will also hone student thinking about study habits and classroom behavior.


At the heart of all Academic Support Sessions is clarifying student thought in their writing, developing nuanced understanding of the texts they read, and increasing precision in logical thinking.


The final step is ongoing communication between 718 Tutoring and parents so that sessions remain meaningful and relevant to student growth.

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