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718 Tutoring:
NYS ELA​ and Math

State exam scores matter.  Of the more than 1700 public high schools in NYC, eight rely solely on the SHSAT. The rest assess the NYS ELA and Math exam scores in admissions offers.

To have a stronger application resulting in more choice in schools and selective programs, the time is now to ramp up preparation for these consequential tests.  While grades, attendance and other factors contribute in the admissions process, the NYS Exam scores are the only criteria that high schools can use to neutrally evaluate applications coming out of the diverse, NYC middle school system.

In addition, NYS Exam scores are factored into countless intra-school decisions, including class placement. They are the first, and unfortunately sometimes only impression school administrators might have of your child. Preparing them to feel comfortable and confident to do as well as possible should not be overlooked. 

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