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718 Tutoring:
Exam Preparation​​
Academic Support and Enrichment

718 Tutoring’s approach to exam preparation begins with an assessment of student performance on a practice test in as comparable test taking conditions as possible. Then, a determination will be made regarding areas of student need, be that particular grade level content standards, solidifying spiral skill foundations, exposure to content that may not be covered in class by the date of test, standardized test taking strategies, anxiety alleviation techniques, confidence building and motivation.  

Similarly, our approach to academic support and enrichment always begins with student need and goals.  After a free assessment and in consultation with parents, we identify practices and content that would benefit the student, and the strategies on how to achieve them.  


With both exam prep and ongoing support, we match our tutors according to academic and pedagogical expertise, as well as social and emotional concerns.  The right connection between tutor and student is critical to achieving success. 

Weekly progress notes keep parents in the loop of session objectives and happenings.  We are readily available to discuss and adapt tutoring plans as the year progresses.


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